Treatment Procedures

  1. Whole Body Mud application
  2. Partial / local mud application
  3. Enema 
  4. Baths (Hip, Spinal, Full Immersion, Cold, Neutral)
  5. Full Body Massage
  6. Full Body Massage (Special)
  7. Partial Massage
  8. Partial Massage (Special)
  9. Steam Bath ( Steam Room / Cabin)
  10. Facial Steam
  11. Skin Pack
  12. Acupressure Treatment
  13. Colour Therapy
  14. Packs & Compresses (Abdomen, Chest, Neck,Trunk, Knee, Arm, Throat)
  15. Yogic Kriyas (Jal Neti, Vaman Dhouti)
  16. Herbal Pack
  17. Foot and Arm Bath
  18. Vibratory Massage

Special Treatment procedures are employed and their benefits are as follows.

Massage: Massage helps in Mobilizing fat and improve the function of vital organs by stimulating, relaxing, rejuvenating, effects. More Beneficial in Arthritis, Stress, obesity and general promotion of positive Health. Lubricate the joints, tones the nervous system, improves circulation and nourish the physical body, relaxes muscles and increase flexibility.
Steam Bath: Steam Room / Cabin is available. Helps in improving the function of skin and eliminates toxins from the body.
Mud-Therapy: Packs, Local application and full mud bath helps in eliminating toxins from the body and relaxes the whole body. It tones up the body and improves the vital function
Diet: Extensive guidance of Naturopathic diet to attain high standard of health, keen intellect and serenity of mind, and for management of different ailments like Diabetes, Hypertension, Gastritis, obesity etc.
Natural Herbal Packs: Beneficial in skin ailments and to promote the function of the skin.
Baths and sprays: Different baths and sprays help in toning and relaxing effects. Spinal spray directly acts on spinal nerves and in curing psychiatric disorders.
Accupebbles Walk Track: Pebbles walk may stimulate the different reflex points.
Nature Park: Nature Park with varieties of Flora & Fauna. Nature Park of promenades with fountain and green scenery of herbal garden may helps in Stress Buster and the attainment of inner peace. Natural huts to observe Nature & Self.
Yoga: The active devotional and scientific path through various practices such as Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation help cleanse and nourish physical and mental health and vital energy is increased, improving over all personality. Special patterns of postures that stabilise the mind and body through static stretching and improve neuromuscular tone. Regular practice of pranayama bring control over respiratory impulses and gain control over Autonomous Nervous System. Regular practice of Meditation may result in Internal awareness, increased concentration of memory power, Increased physical energy, Mental efficiency, creativity, psychic power etc. Yoga classes are held for beginners in each month and will be reviewed by the Naturopathy and Yoga Physician giving special emphasis on Yogic Techniques for chronic elements like Stress, Asthma, Arthritis, Hypertension, Cardiac disease etc.



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