Naturopathy and Yoga

  • Naturopathy and Yoga are traditional medical systems, which deal with an individual on all aspects of well being. It is based on the principle of morbid matter theory, which is mentioned in ancient books and considers that the improper lifestyle and environmental factors are causes to disturb the normal and harmonious functions of the body.
  • The concept of Body, Mind and Soul is the very basis of yoga, which is derived from the word “yuj”, means to unite with the ultimate divine. It is the oldest and holistic system for mind – body fitness.
  • Meditation is conscious sleep, while sleep is unconscious meditation. It is the journey towards Self, transcending body and mind. It is the art of living in the present moment with cessation of thoughts. It calms the restless mind and helps in stress management and stress related ailments associated with modern Hi-tech era.
  • With the regular practice of Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation, one can enjoy good vital capacity, good body-mind coordination, cheerfulness and good balance between various functions such as neuromuscular coordination etc.
  • It is high time to Return To Nature and follow Naturopathy and Yoga