Yogism with powerful Vipassana Meditation helps in promotion of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and in making the world one peaceful family

Yoga is the ladder to realize and manifest one's divinity, the purpose of life itself. In Yoga, one starts looking inwards, abstracts oneself from the sensory world and moves towards idealistic world. Yoga Way of Life is ideal way to live a healthy and happy life. Yoga lifestyle purifies the mind and keeps the body healthy.  

YOGism is very relevant to the problems, the world is facing in these times. Most of the –isms, though well intended have to stand the test of time. Communism based on secrecy and fear has failed. Capitalism based on consumerism and greed is not sustainable. Already cracks are seen. Socialism is glamorous hybrid, but never worked. Economic globalization forced by WTO, is not giving results. All these lack spiritual element. There is considerable unrest in different parts of the World.
Based on eternal Vedic wisdom of

  1. Unity in Diversity (Visualize the beauty of a multiple flower garden)
  2. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam & Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu  (whole world is one family and let all people be happy).
  3. Poornamadah Poornamidam Poornaatpoornamudachyat Poornasya Poornamaadasya Poornamevavashishyate.

(Whole Universe (living and non-living) has got an integral existence. It is interrelated, interdependent and cohesive in nature).

- Ishopanishad

 We defined YOGism (Yoga Way of Life) as 'Simple Living in harmony with Nature and concern for whole Universe. Simplicity, Spirituality and Service are three pillars of YOGism. Yoga has the complete diet for peaceful and successful living. Basically Yoga is Spiritual with noble goal of enlightenment, but it also takes care of earthy needs of man, namely physical, mental and emotional health. Yoga instills self discipline and positive attitude in life. It is said that 75% of life is spent in earning money and remaining 25% of life is spent in spending the money for keeping good health. Yoga is strongly preventive and aims at balanced development of mind and the body making it free from disease and helps in greater relaxation and mental peace and stability.
World Health Statistics 2012 report puts the spotlight on the growing problem of the non-communicable diseases. Thanks to automation in the name of convenience and comfort, nuclear family with consumeristic and self-centric living style which have affected human physical, emotional and spiritual health. Fast faced life, excess use of junk foods and modern gadgets are leading to sedentary and addictive lifestyle contributing to increased risk of non-communicable diseases namely hypertension, cardiovascular diseases (heart attack and stroke), cancers, diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases (COPD and asthma). Industrial farming with extensive use of insecticides, food processing with chemicals, environmental pollution due to automobile exhausts and industrial effluents and exposure to electromagnetic radiation are causing decreased immunity and thus susceptible to infection.  However role of empowering man with positive health in prevention of disease is not given due to attention. Yoga and Meditation help in promotion of immunity and positive health and thus prevention of disease.
Yoga (Science of Holistic Living) based on Sanatana Dharma is an old traditional and spiritual way of living for positive health and disease prevention. Yoga in addition to physical postures and breathing techniques to tune the body, includes meditation which helps in purification of mind and leads to blissful living. Patanjali defines yoga as a process of gaining control over mind with power of concentration. Yoga based lifestyle consists of mainly (1) Yama (principles of moral code); (2) Niyama (personal discipline); (3) Yogic asanas and (4) Pranayama (breath control), for body tuning; (5) Pratyahara (detachment); (6) Dharana; (7) Dhyana and (8) Samadhi (Meditation for relaxation and blissful feeling). Dean Ornish has proved that Yogic Way of Life, vegetarian diet and stress management causing reversal of blockages in the coronary arteries. Sanatana Dharma called the Eternal Spiritual Spring (universal eternal religion) with universal spiritual values for living the right way, envisaged and nurtured by enlightened Rishis, Seers and Saints can only triumph over the materialist doctrine called Charvaka philosophy in ancient India. The concept of lavish living beyond one's means and craving for sensual pleasure and self-centering.   It is time for society to move from commerce driven lifestyle to conscience driven lifestyle. It is heartening that international community has recognized Yoga and celebrates June 21st as International Day of Yoga.
In day after day, we are so concerned and occupied with outer world activities, we completely neglect and ignore inner world ie. looking within one’s self. We are so worried about outer climate and least bothered to think of inner climate. When we get stressed up and get health problems and suffer, then we realize what we have lost. According to Sadhguru, Inner engineering can be thought of as synthesis of holistic sciences to help establish inner wellbeing, peace and happiness and explore the higher dimensions of life. Keeping the inner space clean means, being in a state of Bliss. The three powerful tools for inner engineering, the so called inner technology are Silence, Fasting and Meditation to purify mind and develop will power to be free of selfishness, greed and egoism to attain self realization and develop art of joyful living.
Meditation is conscious sleep, while sleep is unconscious meditation. Meditation is an art of living in the present moment with cessation of thoughts. From ancient times meditation is the path taken by saints and sages for Self realization. To develop equanimous mind, we have to change the mind set ie. The way the mind works. In other words we have to convert our analytical and reactive mind to child like, witnessing mind without reaction. Meditation has become an important component of Mind-Body Medicine for promotion of positive health. Transcendental Meditation of Maharshi Mahesh Yogi has been shown to be effective technique for gaining deep relaxation, eliminating stress, increasing creativity and intelligence and attaining inner happiness and fulfillment. Further it is shown to increase telomerase gene expression which may contribute to cardiovascular and aging benefits. Based on Vipassana and Yoganidra, 'Mindfulness' (moment to moment awarenss) was first developed in 1979 by Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and is being extensively studied and shown to be clinically effective for management of stress, anxiety & panic, chronic pain, depression, hypertension etc. a wide array of medical and mental health related conditions. Mindfulness is the energy that helps us look deeply at our body, feelings, mind perceptions and all that is around us. It helps us to be in touch with the wonders of life, which are here and now. Our heart opens and is immersed in the present moment, so that we can understand its true nature. Meditation boosts immune system. Extensive research is being done on mindful meditation. Studies showed that regular practice for four months slowed down the reduction in CD-4 cell count in HIV positive patients. Boosts antibody level to influenza vaccine in meditators. Stimulates brain-function regions namely prefrontal cortex, right anterior insula and right hippocampus, the command center of immune system to function more effectively. Vipassana Meditation or Vidarśana – seeing the truth, the teaching of ancient India rediscovered by enlightened Buddha is taught in a ten day course, free of charge in number of Indian and International centres (www.vri.dhamma.org).  Practice of Vipassana Meditation for 30 minutes in the early morning and at night is desirable for getting its benefits for a joyful living. 
Yoga is an eternal (ageless) and universal science of living. Yoga based lifestyle may be simply described as Simple Living in harmony with Nature and concern for whole universe. YOGism is positive & spiritual thinking with regularity in food intake, moderate exercise, devotion and commitment to the task undertaken, Yogasana, Pranayama and Meditation at least 45 min in a day for integration of Body-Mind-Soul and contented life with service to the less fortunate. YOGism harmonizes the body, mind and spirit and connects to Oneness of the Universe.

June 15, 2016                                                                          Prof. B.C. Harinath

*Paper sent on invitation from Culture Ministry of Govt. of Madhya Pradesh for Simhasth 2016 - Vichar Mahakumbh, International Conference on Living the Right Way at Ujjain held during May 12 - 14, 2016.