1. Accomodation

Simple, comfortable cottages with porch and fine lawn in front.

Twin sharing accommodation per cottage with cooler, chair, table along with attached toilet (western), bath with shower, hot water facility is provided.

2. Food

Dining hall with simple Vegetarian and Nutritious food and health drinks are available.

3. Spiritual Library

Spiritual Library with number of books related with Spirituality, Naturopathy, Yoga, Positive Health etc. More than 30 Magazines are available.

Variety of Audio and Video CDs of Life Positive Health and Spiritual Discourse, Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation, Life Style Management, Stress Management and Art of Living etc are available.

4. Nature Park

Nature park with pebbles track for bare foot walking, birds watching and observing nature's beauty with ambience of 220 acres of Herbal Garden.

Walk ways inside Herbal Garden with Aonla, Ritha, Karanji, Neem, Ashoka, Aswagandha, Aloevera, Custard Apple etc with drip irrigation, maintaining by Jain Irrigation Ltd.

5. Yoga Hut & Pyramid Meditation Hall

Pyramid receives highest cosmic energy and enhances concentration power. No-thought state is attained three times faster inside the pyramid.

7. Accupebble Walk Track

Pebbles walk with hydrojets may stimulate the different reflex points.

8. Recreation Facility

Sports euipments and Audio-visual facilities with TV, DVD player for inpatient recreational purpose.