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YOGism – the Need of the Day for World Peace

YOGism – Simple living in harmony with Nature and concern for whole Universe is the need of the day for sound health of individuals and Nations. It is the only solution for the ills of the World, i.e. self - aggrandisement, exploitation, violence and terrorism. Consumerism as growth promoter is not the solution. Simple living with reduction in wastage of earth’s resources may be the ideal solution in the long run for promoting universal brotherhood and peace. Now it is being realized that Austerity is the road for Prosperity. Poverty is the  root cause of all ills in the Society – illness, ignorance, illiteracy, crime etc. Ed Begley, Jr in British Medical Journal says that ‘We must live simply, so that others may simply live'.
            Yoga based on Sanatana Dharma is the gift of Rishis to the World community to follow, practice and experience. Yoga is an eternal (ageless) and Universal science of living. It is flexible to accommodate all emotions. Four paths are described  in Yoga for peaceful life and enlightenment. An intellect starts with Jnana Yoga. Emotional people opt for Bhakti Yoga. Active Person opts for Karma Yoga. People with will power and discipline opt for Raja Yoga. One becomes complete in all these four elements gradually.
            Importance of Naturopathy and components of Raja Yoga namely Yogasanas, Pranayama and Meditation in servicing the body (sophisticated biological machine), harnessing the breath (revitalizing our system with Prana), purifying the mind with meditation is being recognized worldwide for promotion of physical and spiritual health and rapid scientific advances are being made in integrative medicine with inclusion of yoga practices and meditation for better healthcare and disease management.
            Maintaining a natural life style by intake of natural and organic foods, right amount at the right time and always with positive thoughts and appreciation of beauty of Nature, help promote positive health by strengthening innate immunity and resistance to disease.
            Simplicity, Service and Spirituality are the three pillars of YOGism. Yoga way of simple living (YOGism) harmonizes the body, mind and spirit and connects to the Oneness of the Universe.  Referring to Service, Smt. Hansa Jayadeva Yogendra said that it is one’s Dharma or duty to serve the disadvantaged people and thus serve the nation and the World. Spirituality is following Yama & Niyama and showing love, compassion, forgiveness etc. In brief Yoga is culture of consciousness.  YOGism is not a cult. Deep meditation makes you, your own master, follower of nobody but your own conscience, expressing divinity of human nature. The time is ripe to make YOGism with its 3S (Simplicity, Service and Spirituality) as  a movement irrespective of one’s religion or race for the cause of World Peace.
            The International Symposium held on YOGism during December 6-7, 2010 at Arogyadham was a success with participation of 32 Guest Speakers and 107 delegates from Australia, USA, New Zealand, Nepal, Belgium & South Korea and from different regions of India (visit The success in the first attempt to present concept of ‘YOGism’ and its reception by Yoga experts and spiritual vibrations experienced in the Symposium is beyond our expectation. We feel that it is possibly due to the inherent spiritual element in the noble word ‘YOGA’   

December 12, 2010                                                                 Prof. B.C. Harinath