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Energy Medicine & Healing

National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Systems of Medicine (NCCAM) has classified CAM as (1) Alternative medical Systems (Ayurveda etc.); (2) Mind-Body interventions (meditation, prayer, music etc.); (3) Biological based therapies (herbal medicine, special diet etc.); (4) Manipulative and Body-based methods (chiropractic approaches); (5) Energy therapies (Qi gong, Reiki etc.)

Soul, Consciousness, Life force or Spiritual energy is omnipresent and all pervading in body organs and systems like electrical energy flowing through electrical wire to different gadgets. Consciousness illumines the mind directly and (through the mind) the physical body and external world. In the waking state Mind is both an object and instrument (Tattvaloka, March 2013). Thus Mind is consciousness conditioned by objects such as sense organs, the body and sense objects. Mind is thinking power / mental energy of the Soul which is responsible for thoughts, emotions, attitudes and memories and is considered as Anathma. When mind is purified to thoughtless state by meditation, then what remains is pure consciousness or Soul (Aatma).

Mind-body connection is very strong and Mind-body medicine focuses on the interactions among the brain, mind, body and behaviour and on the powerful ways in which emotional, mental, social, spiritual and behaviour factors can directly affect health.

The term ‘Energy Medicine’ derives from the premise, now scientifically documented that there are subtle, biological energies that surround and permeate the body. These energies can be accessed through non-invasive diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, thus addressing the individual as a whole, and not just focusing on the diseased area. Energy medicine practitioners in India, China and rest of the world have been saying for many centuries that there is a physical body and an energy body. They are not mutually exclusive. The bio-energy body is said to surround and penetrate the physical body and interact with it. Energy medicine practitioners therefore provide treatment through the energy body. Dr. Streeter, Director of the Centre for Biofield Sciences at Pune uses EIS (Electro Interstitial Scan, FDA approved) for measuring 69 different physiological parameters and with the help of software, advises different treatment options in yoga, homeopathy, acupuncture and offers diet plan and suggests life style changes (Vijayalakshmi Nadar, Life Positive, February, 2013).

Energy medicine, energy therapy or energy healing is an emerging field of therapy wherein a healer can channel healing energy into the person seeking help by different methods such as Biofield energy healing, Reiki, Qi gong, Pranic healing etc. ( Though early reviews in the scientific literature on energy healing were equivocal, more recent reviews have concluded that there is no evidence supporting clinical efficacy, criticizing the theoretical basis of energy healing by conventional medicine practitioners, repeating the story which started in the past with ‘complementary and alternative systems of medicine’.

Energy medicine often proposes that imbalances in the body’s ‘energy field’ result in illness, and that by re-balancing the body’s energy-field health can be restored.

The US-based National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) distinguishes between healthcare involving scientifically observable energy (magnetotherapy, light therapy etc.) which it calls “Veritable Energy Medicine” and healthcare methods which invoke physically undetectable or unverifiable “energies”, (eg. Reiki, Qi gong etc.) which it calls “Putative Energy Medicine”. Yoga for instance has historically been believed to modify the body’s subtle energy pathways – The Prana – within the body by pranayam, meditation etc.

The book ‘Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis by James L. Oschman’ appears to provide an acceptable explanation for the energetic exchanges that take place in all energy therapies. It addresses a growing interest in the field of mind-body medicine and role of natural “energy forces” within the body in maintaining normal health and well being (

The idea of the Biofield comes mostly from the Chinese System of Medicine. Acupuncture and Acupressure are two aspects of the Chinese system which are extensively in use in healthcare. The complete Biofield system include: Polarities, Subtle Bodies, Chakras, Directional Energies, Meridians and Elements.

In the early 1900s, Dr. Albert Abrams developed the idea that all parts of the body, including diseased body parts, had a specific vibration rate. If the vibration rates of diseased part could be determined, then the same frequency could be sent back into the body and cure the disease under Radionics concept. Similar to the principle of dowsing, the SE-5 1000 works, and is a research electronic device known as Radionics. One does not have to be a proficient dowser to make it work. SE-5 (Subtle energy – 5th model) helps balance Intrinsic Data Fields (Subtle Informational fields) which is our body energy. SE-5 1000 not only detects and measures the strength of these subtle fields, it can also send information to try and balance the IDFs as well and thus cures the disease (Regaining wholeness through the Subtle Dimensions; where science meets magic by Don Paris). Radionic device for medical use in diagnosis or treatment has not been approved by FDA, necessiating for more evidence based research to prove its efficacy of this approach in healing sickness (

In the kosha system of yogic tradition, the sages have talked of subtle fields of consciousness as a result of their direct experience and not proven by scientific methods. Shy Tubaly has mapped the same in unique way ( Basic layer of consciousness is the material-physical field. (memory of brain & natural survival activity of brain); 1st subtle field is the electromagnetic field (Pranic body); The 2nd subtle field is Mental emotional field (accumulated memory connections); The 3rd subtle field is Mental – spiritual field (no time and no memory, become free from past experiences. Real Self separated from any experience resulting in a stream of non-casual emotions such as joy and love from within). It is the field of initial spiritual awakening. This field is also the source of intuition, insight, and spiritual intelligence. The 4th subtle field is the Cosmic-Soul field. In this state one experiences oneness with the entire universe; the 5th subtle field is, Field of pure awareness in which one begins to realize the divine self-identity.

Simple and Spiritual living with intense meditation will lead one through subtle fields of consciousness to state of enlightenment.


March 28, 2013                                                                       Prof. B.C. Harinath