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I. Selected SM Editorials

01. Awaken the Third Eye and Experience Sixth Sense

02. The Cunning Mind & Obedient Body

03. Lifestyle Diseases – Face the Hidden Factors or Perish

04. Kundalini Yoga and Spiritual Awakening

05. Bharatiya Healthcare Policy – A Pragmatic View

06. Healthy Yoga Lifestyle – Simplified for Lifestyle Disorders

07. Innovation in Indian Research – “Conscience Deficit”

08. Energy Medicine & Healing

09. Science & Commerce of the TB Diagnostics – The tiny microbe laughs

10. Reverse Consumerism is the panacea for worsening Global Economy

11. Integrative Medicine – the Future of World Healthcare

12. YOGism – the Need of the Day for World Peace

13. Science & Spirituality of Consciousness

II. Selected Guest Articles

01. Fasting – Integrating Ancient Wisdom and Modern Insights for positive Health
      Dr. Mukund Baheti, Dr. Praveen Khairkar

02. The Mind-Body Dualism and Mental Health: A Philosophical Update
      Dr. Praveen Khairkar

03. Emotions and Health
      Dr. Ranjan Choudhary (Solanki)

04. Mind Body Medicine
      Dr. Ranjan Choudhary (Solanki)

05. Beneficial effects of Yoga Life Style on Reversibility of Ischemic Heart disease: ‘Caring       Heart Project’ International Board of Yoga
      Dr. ]ayadeva Yogendra, Hansaji Yogendra, Dr. S. Amberdekar, Dr. R. D. Lele, Dr.       Shantharam Shetty, Dr. M. Dave, Smt. Naamui Husein

06. Yoga For Back and Joint Disorders
      Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra, Hansaji Yogendra & Dr. P Mamtora

07. Effects of Yoga on Asthma
      Dr. A. A. Mahashur, V.P. Kolhatkar & Neepa Dalal

08. Is growing loneliness, a serious health hazard?
      Dr. Rahul Bansal

09. Yoga & Heart Health - What is the Truth?
      Dr. S.C. Manchanda

10. Self Management through Psycho-spiritual Techniques
      Dr. Kamakhya Kumar

11. YOGA and STRESS MANAGEMENT - A Scientific Perspective
      Sat Bir Singh Khalsa

12. East MEETS West- Scientific Research on the Effects of Yoga and Meditation
      Sat Bir Singh Khalsa